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since its inception in 1959

Bharat Agri Fert and Realty Ltd, (formerly called as Bharat Fertilizer Industries Limited) has been engaged in the production of Chemicals & Fertilizers. Now, this "Public Limited Company" is diversifying into the challenging and financially rewarding sphere of "Real Estate Development" in order to cash in on the growing global demand for quality housing.

The company's maiden project has commenced at Majiwada, Thane where 6.25 acres of surplus land owned by the company is being utilized for the construction of a residential and commercial complex to be named "Shiv-Sai Paradise". Thane, as everybody knows by now, is a city that has changed dramatically in recent times. Mumbai's biggest builders are setting up posh projects here one after the other malls and residential properties are coming up like never before. Areas like Ghodbunder Road, Pokharan and Kolshet Road are increasingly becoming popular indeed, nowdays. Thane is conceived by the people as being a part of Mumbai and the quality of life here is considered much superior thanks to its well-developed infrastructure. No wonder it continues to attract people from all communities and classes, including a wide spectrum of professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Consultants and Lawyers as well as members of Mumbai's growing business community from captains of industry to young, fire-in-the-belly enterpreneurs.

List of Directors:

Sr. No.Name & Address of the DirectorsDIN NO.Status
1SHRI.YOGENDRA DAHYABHAI PATEL00106864Chairman & Mg. Director
2SMT. ANJNI YOGENDRA PATEL00106976Whole Time Director
3MISS. CHANDNI Y. PATEL 02032483Whole Time Director
4SHRI VIJAL YOGENDRA PATEL6882828Whole Time Director
5SHRI. KANTILAL NARANDAS JETHWA00107034Whole Time Director
6SHRI SURESH MAGANLAL 00107186Independent Director
7SHRI. SHIRISH P. GAJENDRAGADKAR 01681405Independent Director
8Shri Yogesh Shamjibhai Rathod6882709Independent Director
9Mr. Rohit Vakharia 06928019Independent Director
10Shri Ramesh J. Vekaria 00286657Independent Director